Hogwarts Is Not Never, It’s Just Not Yet.

Hogwarts Is Not Never, It’s Just Not Yet

Katherine Thesing, Sophomore, English Major

I believe Hogwarts is not never, it’s just not yet.

 Sure, my letter may not reasonably be lost in the mail for eight years.  (However, they never mentioned American wizards so maybe we are all prejudiced from the European wizarding world! There could be equality protests happening right now and as soon as the just laws are passed, we will be invited with open arms, able to rush through Hogwart’s grand doors to begin our real education.) But regardless of my fantasies, my whole life in muggle schools happened. There was no secret time turner or apparition taking me to a more magical world by night. I spent fourteen years of teachers pushing me towards a more realistic version of adulthood.

 Childhood wasn’t all pure magic. There were bruises and lonely days. There was extreme happiness and extreme jealousy. But in childhood, everything was imaginative. I was allowed to climb trees and make homes for fairies. Instead of beginning to live house, I got to play it. Maybe to some extent this is a metaphor about how childhood doesn’t have to end and I can carry that magic with me throughout my life, but on the honest end of this spectrum, I know someday I’m going to Hogwarts. It doesn’t make me crazy or delusional; it gives me hope that the stories we knew when our world began are real. It changes a mundane world to a place of possibilities. I may not have real magic, but unlike muggles I believe in the beauty of a world where we can be carried away by the stories we love.

 Going to Hogwarts is a state of mind. It’s walking barefoot to feel the world changing under your feet. It’s talking to your dolls because you know they listen. It’s believing a dandelion seed carries your wishes to safety. It’s appreciating the beauty of childhood, and never removing the magic of discovery and anticipation that something amazing, unique, and incredible can happen with your life.


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