Not Everyone Likes Cookies


Not Everyone Likes Cookies

Ross Fenimore, Sophomore, Exercise Science Major

I Believe…That not everyone likes cookies.

This is obviously a huge metaphor, but still holds an abundance of truth. I still remember, today, when my mother used to sit in the kitchen and make her homemade cookies. She is the best baker in the land, if you ask me. Her cookies are better than any dessert that I’ve ever had. If she puts them in front of me, the aroma is truly irresistible. I can’t help but reach in and eat as many as I can before I get nauseous. That’s beside the point, though.

 When I was young and naïve, I used to sit in the kitchen while my mom made cookies. I used to help her add the ingredients, mix the batter, and even lick the spoon as my reward. She’d always make chocolate chip first, and I was perfectly content. Afterwards, she would make oatmeal raisin. This wasn’t my particular favorite. As she added the oatmeal and raisins, I would ask “mama, why are you putting that in the cookies? I don’t like that.” She would always respond with “because there are people who like oatmeal and raisins in their cookies, and not everyone has to like chocolate chip.” I nodded, but always wanted every cookie to be the same that I enjoyed. I thought everyone would like them as much as I would. It was very narrow-minded but, like I said, I was very young and naïve.

 If you think about it, different personalities are like cookies. We all have different ingredients that give a different outcome. Not everyone is going to like the cookie they receive. And even broader, some people just won’t like cookies. Some people could like pie instead, for example. This is really symbolic of personalities. Yes, a lot of people don’t like cookies, but guess what? A lot of people do. You can’t worry about the people that don’t enjoy who you are because there are a whole bunch of people who do, and would, love you for exactly who you are. You never have to be anyone other than who you are at heart. If you’re a cookie, be a cookie. However, understand that not everyone will like cookies. Contrary to belief, that’s a good thing because we have all these unique perspectives and personalities. While one person may dislike what you’re giving them, someone else is coming to love it.




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